Call SVG based on value binding

i had a list of SVGs for example SVG1 to SVG 100 .

i need to show SVG1 based on value 1 and svg2 based on value 2

idea i have master data for stock items and each item had svg.

is there any way to call SVG based on value as SVG element?
i known we can do it as if svg saved as “Svae Link” .


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You can see .svg in two ways, with image or icon components. You can also see/interact with a svg if you upload it as Embed Image. Maybe there is a 3rd way with CSS in a frame.

That been said, and if you want to avoid “Save Link”, you may want to create your own svg Repository as described in Images, SVGs, and Icons in Perspective - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation (

You need to use the Icon component instead. In my example I created a Christmas repository.
The .xml looks like this in my example (cropped)

Then use binding on path to map values to svg names