Call to webservice succeds from MS Windows client, failes from Ubuntu client

Hi all, a customer of mine has different client machines in its plant, some being MS Windows machines and other Ubuntu. I must call a SOAP webservice via SUDS python library and I'm experiencing the following issue, when I use the name of the server in the webservice URL: the call fails from a Vision Client open on an Ubuntu machine, telling me that the server is Unknown, whereas it succeeds from a Client open on Windows 11.
To be sure that the problem is not due to different topologies between the clients and the webservice server, I started a Client on my dual-boot PC and got the same results: no problem when my PC is started with MS Windows, whereas the server is unknown when my PC is started with Ubuntu.
I've verified that in both cases the ethernet cards gets configured the same way by the DHCP server.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance, regards

Is the server an unqualified name? Look for DNS configuration items for allow those to be queried.

Also, consider using system.util.sendRequest() to have all such API requests come from the gateway.

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