Calling a Project Script by name

Is there any way to call a project script by string name?

I have a bit of equipment simulation logic and I'd like to be able to select a routine. The routine is tied to a different project script, so the main simulation script can vary what logic it uses based on the routine selected.

something like:

inputParams = {"input1" :1, "input2":2}
scripting.callByName("RoutineName.FunctionName", inputParams)

Getattr probably does what you want: 2. Built-in Functions — Python 2.7.18 documentation


After looking at your info, I ended up with this and it seems to be working. I can now pass the name of the routine (script) and pass and return parameters.

I understand that each script would need a function called MainLogic and take the same inputs and return the same outputs. I am fine with this as each script is a different set of logic for a simulation. so all simulations take the same inputs and return the same outputs. This allows me to dynamically change the logic.

def CallRoutine (Routine,params,CurrentLens, CurrentLensID, ColorTable,RunID, CurrentTime, LocationData,TotalProcessedLenses,ScheduleData):
	z = globals()[Routine]
	CurrentLens,TotalProcessedLenses,ScheduleData = z.MainLogic(params,CurrentLens, CurrentLensID, ColorTable,RunID,CurrentTime, LocationData,TotalProcessedLenses,ScheduleData)

	return CurrentLens,TotalProcessedLenses,ScheduleData

You could also use a mapping. This allows a 'finer' control over what can be called.

func_map = {
func = func_map[Routine]

Unless you have A LOT of different functions that could be called, I'd use a mapping.

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Why would you create this mapping when a mapping (globals()) is automatically made for you within the script?

And when not inside the script, accessing via string is simply:

getattr(script, functionName)(*args, **kwargs)
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To allow only predefined functions to be called like this.

Meh. I would just make a script that only has allowed callables.