Calling all IEC 61850 stakeholders for feedback

IA community/61850 stakeholders,
We are progressing through our IEC 61850 Ignition native driver Beta test. Either of 2 points of feedback/participation would be extremely helpful:

  1. Fill out a 1-page requirement validation document. 30 min estimate. Comment on the value of features implemented and not implemented for your use cases. Did we miss anything? This will inform QA testing and Dev efforts and may lead to feature prioritization.

  2. Seeking a 2nd round of Beta participants. Time commitment required. IA currently has excess capacity to support additional beta testers who are ready to use the software now. This puts customers/integrators directly in touch with Software Development to ensure proper functionality on customer equipment. This is a finite opportunity as the driver team is on a schedule to shift to other efforts.

Please reach out to me via message on the forum if you are interested in helping or know someone with 61850 domain experience (customer, integrator, etc) willing to provide feedback. Thank you!

hello! When will the IEC61850 communication driver be available for use;What's the current step?

Good news, the 61850 driver just dropped. If you download 8.1.25, you'll find it there. Enjoy!