Calling .js files inside Ignition

We are using Webpack to pack a javascript project in order to read that javascript file from Ignition. The whole idea or requirement is to run the .js script to eventually display the output on Ignition project.

To achieve this, we created a REACT page and tried to create webpack.config.js file in react project. For running the project we are using npm run start. This is where the things start falling apart.

After creating webpack.config.js file we tried to run that project using npm run start but it is showing some modules related problems.

Here lies our challenge. In short, these .js files need to run in Ignition and webpack will not run. Is there a way to either successfully run webpack or any workaround to run these .js files inside Ignition.

Any help/suggestions from you will be appreciated.


lol. Kidding aside, sounds like you are trying to cram you own processing and system into Ignition. Ignition is a complete platform on its own. If you want to host your own files and use it simply as a webserver, you can look into the webdev module.

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I think there is some confusion…we are just trying to create a config page on the gateway, something similar to the database connections config page with a table and edit button at each row for displaying and editing connection settings for each of the connections.

For setting that up we have to use react source code as indicated in the sdk gateway home page example homeconnectstatus page. We tried bulding the js file from source using webpack but for some reason not able to correctly pack the source file to generate a .js file.

Thank you
Paresh Dalwalla

This should be in the module development category to avoid misunderstandings …

And sorry, no, I haven’t done what you are trying to achieve. ):