Calling Message Handler from another Message handler is not working when we launch URL page ,But it is working in Designer Preview Mode

Nested Message handlers are not working while launching the application but it is working in Preview Mode...can you all help me to fix this?


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I'd say "probably", but Transistor is quite the optimist. :laughing:

But seriously, Bhavani, you haven't provided any details at all. What do you expect from us?

Is there any fix for this?.Whether is it the error of gateway or designer?i need the nested message handler structure in my code.How can i implement this?

It's difficult to believe that you are serious about this. You have provided no details about what you are trying to do, no code, no details about what results you are seeing and yet you expect us to fix the problem or write code for you!

"My car is broken. Can you tell me how to fix it?"

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