Camera integration

Hi Board-members,

We have recently got the request to integrate cognex cameras into the ignition system.
Does any one have any experience with this.
What they want to be able to do is use ignition as a gateway to download the batch data to the camera’s and label printers.
There are so many cameras on the line that it is not feasible to use the normal software packages included with these cameras.
I see that the cognex cameras support ethernet/ip and modbusTCP.
So i presume ignition should be able to communicate with these.

The other option would be the ActiveX component route, which is not a good idea as i presume the ActiveX module is only loaded once a client is open.

Any opinions and directions welcome

Sascha Hlubek

This might be an older thread but I am curious how this worked out.
I also have a few cognex “checkers” that I am curious about.
I have so many that this might be something fun to play around with in some spare time…BUT
I don’t get much of that.

Did you find a solution?