Camera problem

I am monitoring a mjpeg video source over the network using IP camera viewer - when I open the client the video works for a few seconds and then displays error “IIOException: Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOI markers” can anyone tell me what this means?

I am pretty sure that SOI marker is start of image marker. It looks like it is receiving two SOI markers in a row instead of a SOI marker then an end of frame.

I am having similar problem with Mobotix M12D
error message is IIOException: Invalid JPEG file structure: SOS before SOF

Most of the information I have found in regards to this error message is that the stream is being corrupted by something. Are you able to stream the JPEG still, or MJPEG, and view it in anything else? Are you sure you are placing the correct URL for your camera in the URL property of the IP Camera Component? Have you set the Video Mode property of the component for the type of stream you are using?