Camera system tracking objects and has tags for Ignition?

On my line, my parts kind of smoosh together at some spots.

Without moving half a production line to add a faster conveyor to separate them, is there a camera that can detect objects, index them, and send a bit when I need to reject? Does it work well with Ignition or do I need to get messages to the PLC and then get data from there?

Let the vision system and the PLC sort it out, and use Ignition to monitor it. You will not get a fast enough reatcion if Igntion is in the middle.

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Something like Keyence or Cognex's vision systems could be programmed (or taught) to detect and count objects in a frame, although I've never tried it with a fast-moving line.

Off the top of my head, I also know of Omron and Datalogic but I've never tried those at all.


I saw Chooch tracking some bottle caps.
I don't want to spend time teaching the camera.

I will check with Keyence.

I definitely wouldn't put Ignition in the middle. I might want to get images from the camera though.

Keyence would be my pick for this.