Camera/Video Viewer


I have a webcam connected to GL-MT300, I can view the mjpg stream in a browser by going to ip:8080 but I can’t get video using either IP Camera Viewer component in Vision or Video Player component in Perspective.

IP Camera Viewer says “IllegalArgumentException:Illegal character in scheme name at index 0:ip:8080”

Has anyone tried this successfully, any idea why it is not working?

Btw, the instruction on adding a webcam is here.

Thank You.

Have you tried http://ip:8080/ ? Browsers default to http but java does not.

I did, same result.

Is that webpage the actual MJPEG stream or is there an HTML shell supplied with on inner reference to the stream? (If you see controls around or layered on the video, that is a clue that it is a shell.)

I think it is the actual stream. No controls at all.

It is base on this.

Try using wget -O /some/local/file 'http://ip:8080/' and inspect the top of the file saved. Use ctrl-c to stop the stream if necessary.

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You are right, it is shelled. This " http://ip:8080/?action=stream" fixes it :clap:.

Thank for the tip.