Camera Viewer Component

Support for Pelco D protocol and a rudimentary joystick control would sure be nice additions to the camera component. I would no longer need this Pelco joystick/keyboard and just imagine my cameras moving to predetermined locations on alarms.

Here is request information for obtaining information about their proprietary, non-public, protocol. …

The D protocol is considered by Pelco to be non-proprietary and its use is encouraged by other manufacturers in order to increase the chances of their products being specified in projects.

That summary is from Pelco’s document CP-1464 which is their guidelines for protocol requests. I would think that they would jump at the chance to put their protocol in a whole new market segment.

In the meantime, a joystick component would be nice.

This is pretty rough and untested, but it might be a good starting point for getting some rudimentary control using scripting.

//snip, see below

Usage example:

options = pelco_options()
options.pan_left = 1
camera = 0

sendBytes(pelcod(camera, options, 254, 254))

Well, that is just fantastic!

Thanks Greg!!!

Put this up at so other people can edit it. I don’t have access to a Pelco camera at the moment, so if you get it working, I’m sure it would be a nice resource for others.


I really just wish I could view my pelco cameras from inside ignition.

Has anyone done this?