Cameras wont pull from stream on VM

When users are on VM my cameras wont pull. They just try and then time out. They work for those connected to network, but not virtually. Are the camera streams requested from end users or directly from Ignition server? They used to work but have recently started doing this

Note: I do not want to give non admin users full network access

Are you using Vision with the IP Camera component, or...?

Yes sorry I should have stated that

Yes then, in this case, the camera feeds are accessed directly from the Vision client, wherever it's running. It's not proxied through the Gateway or anything like that.

That is what I figured. Do you know what would cause them to stop working through VM? This started happening recently, we never had any issues before.

Talk to IT and see if they are or aren't routable/accessible for some reason :man_shrugging:

edit: also, you keep saying "VM", but do you mean "VPN" here?

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No, VMware Horizon Client. All of our end users use that instead of being connected directly to the network

Ok, doesn't really change the recommendation that you work with your IT, but at least we know what you're talking about now.