Can a 3rd party OPC Client talk to Ignition OPC-UA server?


I am pretty new to this but is it possible to have a client developed in C++ or some other language talk to the Ignition’s OPC-UA Server?

If so does Ignition have any sample code that I can look at or some other vendor’s which make such clients talking to Ignition’s server? It would be of great help to get an example code which implements this.


Yes, that’s pretty much the point of an open standard like OPC-UA.

No, we don’t have any examples for you though. When you find an OPC-UA toolkit/SDK in the language you want to use it will almost certainly include examples on how to use it.

I have only used these guys regular opc client for testing but they claim to have c++ libraries … t-sdk.html

Thanks Kevin!
Let me try doing that.