Can a gateway be updated without a complete download?

I’d like to implement a good strategy for leveraging old projects, and I really should have figured this out a couple years ago. My plan right now is to have a gateway installed on our company shared server, and to import projects to it as we develop them.

Because the gateway is backwards compatible, I should be able to easily import a project from 7.8 and from 7.9. I just finished a project with 8.0.2, and plan to install our “company project repository gateway” in that version. But a year or two from now, when our customers want to use 8.1 and 8.2 will that gateway be able to import those projects? It sounds like it won’t, and that the repository will become ineffective.

Does anyone have any advice, or have a working strategy for a project repository?

I would just store full gateway backups with information in the filename about what version they are from. When you need to access it for some reason restore it to a matching Ignition of that version running in a VM.

In addition to compatibility issues you will run into, project exports don’t include things like tags, OPC connections, database connections, etc… so they probably aren’t what you want.

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Well, I think all I’d want to leverage are windows, templates, and scripts. So it would just be a matter of copying and pasting from an old project to the new.