Can a script be triggered on a specific tag name Tag Change events?


I’d like to have a script in designer which gets triggered on all tags with a specific name (each device would have one).

Is this possible using the Gateway Event Scripts → Tag Change ?

My script triggers on a specific tag, or all tags with [MQTT Engine]*, but I need some kind of blanket rule or wildcard selection that allows me to trigger on a specific tag name.

Ideally I’d like to specify something along the lines of [MQTT Engine]*/*/*/*/ExecCommand, this did not appear to work, should it?

I’m planning to use it to filter comand requests depending on permissions.

No, you can’t configure the listener that way. What you could do (I’d be wary of the performance ramifications, though) is configure a broad listener, and then immediately in your script do the check for the final element in the tagpath - and if it’s not found, finish execution. I’d recommend using if event.tagPath.itemName == "ExecCommand": or something similar.