Can a TV with a web browser run an Igntiion client?

One of our customers is using Raspberry PIs to display clients and currently there is a bug with the scroll and stay delay for the marquee mode in the Raspberry PIs. Mobile clients and windows machines do not experience the bug. We are trying to find a temporary solution, and I was wondering if a TV has a web browser, would we be able to run a client from it?

These are the specs of the TV we are trying to use. It has a full web browser.
Samsung UN65KU6290 65-Inch 3840 x 2160 4K UHD TV (2016 Model)

I doubt it, it would have to have Java at the very least.

You should check that the web browser of the TV do have HTML5 support. And Ignition Mobile module would also be required.
I tested Igniton client on a Samsung TV and it worked, but I do not remember the model.

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A mobile client yes, a regular client no.

We experimented with this years ago and, at the time, the version of Chrome embedded in the TVs we tested on had a memory leak that lead to the tab crashing after some amount of hours.