Can Alarm Journal Table Display Notes - not Ack Notes

Is there a way to see the “Notes” section in the Alarm Journal Table component? It’s an option to see in the Alarm Status Table, but not the Journal table.
There is a property to see the Ack Notes in the table, but the Notes shown are really the Ack Notes. See below on the left side.
Looking at the Details section of the tag, nothing gets displayed? I’d expect it to say either “acked by MJE” (ack note) or “LowNote” (Notes in the alarm setup).

An alternative to me seems to be to use the “Display Path” instead of “Notes”, and display “Source Path” instead of “Display Path”, but this is not a great solution as a bunch of tags will need to be changed.

7.8.5 is being used. I looked at 8.0.3 that I have installed on another VM and the Alarm Journal Table doesn’t have an option to see the Note either.

Thanks for the help!