Can an Expression Tag pass a reference to itself in a script?

I want to have an expression tag run a script to check the health of a machine, but I don’t want to have to pass the tag path from each tag. Is there a way to pass in ‘this’ tag path?

What I have now is:

I’d rather create a UDT with an expression tag that gets populated into each new instance that is effectively:

Am I overlooking an easy way to do that?


This table from documentation might help.


In addition, UDTs have a few “meta” parameters automatically defined:

Parameter Name Description
{InstanceName} The name of the UDT Instance that this Tag is inside.
{PathToParentFolder} The full path to the folder that this Tag is in.
{PathToTag} The full path to the Tag using this parameter.
{TagName} The name of the Tag that is using this parameter.