Can an Ignition Perspective App Run Disconnected from the Internet without trial reset

We have the need to run an Ignition Perspective App on a single laptop that will not have access to the internet. We have a valid standard ignition license. Is this possible to do without the need to do periodic module resets?

  • Perspective clients need access to the Ignition gateway. If this is on the Internet or accessed via the Internet then, no, the client won't be able to load a page and won't be able to update if an initial connection is lost.
  • If the client and gateway are on the same private / local network then you don't need Internet access.
  • If your standard Ignition licence doesn't include Perspective then you need to reset every two hours.

The documentation seems to indicate that access to the activitation server is required

Just during activation.

Technically can do offline activations, but "some" computer will need internet access at some point to activate it.

Maker Edition, for example, checks the activation server every hour and if the license is not renewed due to lack of internet connection...the gateway will revert after the 4 hour timeout ends. Correct? By revert I mean return to trial mode

Maker edition uses a leased license, which does need to check in regularly. Standard Ignition permanent licenses do not check in after activation. They stay activated until you scramble their install folder.

Do also check that you have pruned out the modules you don't have licensed--that'll make the the "incomplete license" banner go away.

(Permanent licenses have six-character keys. Leased licenses have eight-character keys. For now.)


Ok, that is very helpful. My goal is to run an Ignition Perspective App, on a laptop, disconnected from the internet per customer requirements. I have a valid standard license that I may need to deactive, then reactivate on this standalone computer. Does that sound like the right understanding?


Thank you. Very helpful.

Where is the gateway? On a separate local server? On the same laptop (localhost)?

Remember the Perspective App is basically a web client. For any dynamic data it needs to connect to the gateway.

Everything is on a single laptop. Gateway, the Designer for development, the Perspective app, and the SQLite database. What confused me was the fact that the leased Maker Edition checks the activation server every hour. If the standard edition permanent edition doesn't require that regular check to activation server, then I should be good. This is just a short project that I need to run in a completely without internet access

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