Can an SFC Enclosing element run inside of a Parallel element?

I can't seem to get an SFC enclosing (effectively a "function" for SFCs, right?) to latch to the parallel component. For instance, I built a parameterized SFC for adjusting a valve state, and I want to run two in parallel to initialize my valves as closed. However, when I try to put Enclosings inside of the Parallel element, it has multiple odd behaviors -- the Enclosings will not latch to the Parallel and one can't even be interacted with without moving the Parallel.

(Errors disabled because everything is red) -- the pipes won't latch, and the 'close_fil_valve' Enclosing is greyed out and I can not move it without moving the Parallel element out of the way. I can't drag pipes out of any of the edges of the Enclosings inside of the Parallel.

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I don't know the answer for sure, but it wouldn't totally surprise me if this was an intentional decision for some technical reason that's lost to time.

I would make a support ticket ( so you can get a more formal answer.

Thank you, I submitted a support request:

Did you resolve this issue? I ran into the same problem and found that I had to drag a new element into the Parallel element. I could not drag or cut/copy/paste any of the elements that were already in the main body of the chart.

There was a ticket filed to look into changing this. Currently though this is how it works and has worked back to at least version 7.9.