Can anybody explain how Ignition alarm works?

I created a alarm base on a bool tag, set it to bit status or value.
Both work from time to time.
There some odd things happen, after you change the tag name or delete the tag and create a alarm base on it again, the alarm does not come up.
Does anybody know how ignition alarm work?
When the tag is ON, what happens to ignition, where does it store this alarm? how often does it check the tag status? if you clear or ack the alarm, what happens in the background, why does it come back again?

Have you read this or this ?

Are you saying that you had an active alarm and then you deleted the tag while the alarm was still active?

Yes, a dead alarm show on alarm journal as active all the time, I cannot turn it off, because the tag does not exist anymore.

Which version of Ignition?

Ignition keeps alarms for the status table in memory.

  • Stop the gateway
  • Delete the IgnitionInstallDirectory/data/.alarms_############# file
  • Restart the Gateway.

When the gateway shuts down, it records all alarm events in memory to this file, and reads from it on start up, so deleting it while the service is down will remove those alarms.

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Thank you so much.
I won't be able to access the directory, because it is on a server.
It is so good to know where it is located.

Just to clarify a few things:

  1. Which version of Ignition are you using?
  2. You are referring to the Vision component Alarm Journal Table correct? Not the Alarm Status Table?

If we are still talking about Alarm Journals, they can be configured as Internal or Database on 7.9 and 8 adds the ability to store remotely. If you go to Config > Alarming > Alarm Journal Profiles on the gateway homepage it should tell you which type of Alarm Journal you have. Maybe you have a DB Journal and can simply update/delete from the database. Alarm Journals have a complete history (until pruned) of alarms so you would expect this behavior. Alarm Status Tables should clear when the tag is deleted.

Both Alarm journal and Alarm Status are acting strangely.
If I understand correctly, the Alarm Journal is recording events; such as when was it activated, and when it is cleared.
Because my Alarm Status some time do not show Active Alarms, or clear the alarm even if when the alarm tag is still ON, so I show Alarm Journal instead of Alarm Status.
For example, Tag_Bool is used to create a alarm, so when Tag_Bool is ON, an alarm will be trigged.
What happened was, Tag_Bool is ON, and the Alarm Status Table shows it as Active, but if I Acknowledge it, the Alarm Status Table marked is is Cleared not active, even though the Tag_Bool is till ON. This only happens to some tags, other tags configure the same way, and does not have this issue. That is so strange.

Vision 8.1.20

Agreed. Working with alarm status with thousands of tags, I haven't observed what you are describing. Have you contacted support yet?

I haven't contact support.
Many times people in the forum are the best support.

Did you try deleting the alarms file mention above? I had the same issue and I believe that was the fix for me

I found that if you recreate the tags as well with the names all matching (tagpath + alarm name), then the alarm will disappear as well from the active alarm table.

You can use this if you aren't able to restart the gateway.

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