Can Archestra use the SQL Bridge .modl?

We are using Archestra by Wonderware currently and was wondering if anyone has or knows if there is a way to have the SQL Bridge modl exposed to the Archestra .NET scripting. Only way I could think it could work is if we were able to wrap it up into a .dll and import it as a script function library.

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No, we don’t support anything like that.

Just wanted to update this thread. I was able to get Archestra UDA members tied to SQL tags in Ignition and to send data to a named query to insert data into SQL utilizing the SQL Bridge module.

I setup the OI.Gateway in Wonderware and created a Archestra Connection, installed the OPC Core Components from the OPC foundation on this server, Installed Ignition on the same server as a test. I then setup Ignition with a OPC-DA COM Connection and pointed it to the Wonderware OI.Gateway. I could then create tags inside Ignition that attached to objects attributes in my galaxy. Can do full read / write from either the object viewer in Wonderware or Ignition and see the tags update both places.

Very cool!


I did same with WW MES system.
This concept can be applied between ignition and any system acting as OPC client.
Ignition have a very flexibility to deal with any system.
This us the power ignition.