Can Button Text Show Tag?

Is there a way for me to display text on a Button that would be linked to Tags?

I have a Tag[0] that shows a meter Id 21000580 and then tag[6] = 21000763

I would like to have the text on my button something like this (21000580 - 21000763)

The last number is not always the same thats why I want to get that data from a tag.

Hi David, I know you are on 7.9 vision

It is possible to bind the Text property of a Button back to a tag.

Perhaps if you only want the last number to change, you could try an indirect tag binding?

In my example I have bound to the value, are your 21xxxxxx values or other properties?

Add a custom property to your button to hold the tag value. Use a tag binding, indirect if necessary. For the button's text property, use an expression binding with either numberFormat() or stringFormat() expression functions, with the arithmetic in the expression.

OK, I've got what I need for my button text, which also required some html code but when I go to save it it will not save the html code.

I've got what I need thanks for all the help.