Can Deadband for tag be exported to MQTT?

we have a sensor tag that we can read/set value for via MQTT. we also want to change/set the Deadband for that tag. here's a snapshot of what i'm looking at:
Screenshot 2023-08-16 093704

(and, yes, i know value is set to String instead of Float; i'm working on that. the Protobuf setup is a little bit borked)

EDIT: it's been a few days. nobody know the answer to this? as i've been experimenting, i am assuming that Ignition actually populates most of these values instead of the NBIRTH message because i do not have most of those values in my proto configuration. i'm not terribly worried about them, but the Deadband is a must for this set of projects. i was just hoping someone from the community would have these answers.

Hi Ian,

I have not used Protobuf, so I am not sure of the requirements there, but I think this may be possible if you were to use UDTs and have a setpoint tag for the deadband. You could base the deadband value based off of the setpoint tag, and update the setpoint tag value, rather than trying to write to the deadband directly.