Can I automatically create documentation for my templates?

Good morning to everyone!
I recently began working with Ignition and I have to document the templates I make for my collegues, so they won’t be frustrated by the “unknown properties” of a million objects sombody else made.
Other enviroments (other technologies), offer tools as Javadoc and swagger that permit me to generate the documentation while writing the code it refers to.
As I got negative feedback from the customer care (ther aren’t any tools for auto-generate documentation) I think I have to write my own tool and I ask if someone encountered my same issue and maybe want to share any idea/result.
Personally I woud write a script to scan all the templates and write in a file (xml?) the structure of my objects, the way that I can build a database and consequently search within the generated data the cross references and so on.

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Sounds very useful. Please do! (-:
And report back here with the tool…

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Thank you pturmel for your interest! :slight_smile:

Actually I’m still curious to know if anybody else had the same idea and maybe wants to discuss/share his/her results :smile: