Can I bind a moving analog indicator component to an Alarm?

Hello everyone, I’m new to ignition and would like your help with this please.

In the high/low alarm property of the moving analog indicator, the indicator will change color when the pv corresponds with the high/low alarm.

  • However, this alarm on the indicator does not show in the Alarm Status Table. It only serves as a display function.

  • If I put alarming on a tag, the alarm status will show and record when it is in alarm, however, I cannot find a way to bind those alarming priorities from the tag editor to the moving indicator.

*Is there a way I can synch the alarming property of the indicator and the tag editor, so it shows on the alarm table and on the indicator?
Right now, I’m just doing both separately. Thanks!

If you have the alarm setpoints from the plc available as tags, you could bind the setpoints on the analog indicator to those tags.

I can bind the setpoints from plc, the problem I have is on the image below. I can configure an alarm on the tag to show in ignition, but it does not correspond to the display on the moving indicator.

If I bind tags to setpoints, it will show on the indicator when its in alarm. However, is there a way for Ignition to pick this up and show it as an alarm in the alarm status table? Here it shows that no alarms are active.

Thank you so much for your help.

Your screenshot only shows binding to the process value. You can bind to alarm properties as well, the path will be something like [MyTags]Path/To/Tag/Alarms/Alarm.SetpointA.

I am using Ignition ver7.9. I don’t see the Alarm paths on the tag.

I’m using 8.1.

Edit, I recommend doing all of this on the PLC side. Use UDTs, it will make things a lot less complicated, regardless of which version you are using.

Alright, I’ll just do as jlandwerlen and Daniel suggested. Make the alarm setpoints into tags and put them all in a UDT. Thanks!