Can I Export Multiple Tables to Single Excel Sheet? Or Need Reporting Module?

I have multiple table components on a vision window(driven by SQL Queries) and I would like to export them with their respective headings to Excel, BUT multiple tables on one Excel Sheet. . Any Ideas? I understand that Multiple tables can be exported to separate worksheets.

Maybe I need to learn the Reporting aspect of Ignition? Can I generate a Report that displays data from multiple SQL queries on one page, but have that report be an Excel Readable format?

If others find this post. Use the Reporting Module. Use the Table Component and watch Inductive University Videos on Table Grouping. You can turn on Headers for Individual Tables in the Table Grouping. The Table Grouping feature keeps the individual tables tight vertically.

I also made Separate Data Sources for each Table used in a Table Group. I am not sure if this was needed or not. Maybe I could have just used one Data Source?

When you load the report in Report Viewer, then users can right click and Save As Excel.
I experimented with the Cross Tab table and Simple Table but when you export those to Excel, they become Text Boxes in Excel and not Cells. Stick with the Table Component and learn Table Grouping.

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