Can I find/replace in global objects?

As the topic title says, can I find and replace text in global objects, such as global templates and scripts?

Do you mean the source template? In a runtime environment I.E. client project? Here is what I understand. The source template cannot be altered from the runtime environment, but you wouldn’t want to it is the model and you may possibly be using it in several places. The different instances of a template you have can be reached and have textual and other changes made, depending on how you set up the template, individually or as a group. If by changing text in a global script you meant pass different parameters, yes it is possible to call your global classes and implement whatever parameters you want. global.nameDog(dog) global.nameDog(“Husky”) global.nameDog(“Poodle”). In Ignition you would create a global class instance like so: mgc = Shared.MyGlobalClasses.NameOfClass(). Then you could call any of your methods or functions like so: mgc.MyFunction(“stuff my function needs”).

I was mainly concerned with templates defined in the Global folder (eg when you have a template instance the path would be something like [shared]motor01). Using the find/replace tool, you can search project templates and replace text on those, but it doesn’t seem to search the global/shared templates (to my knowledge). This also applies to the global/shared scripts.

As near as I can tell, it already does global (shared) scripts, but not global templates.

Pretty cool I had not noticed that tool before now. I am running 7.8.5 and I was able to change my Global scripts and my Templates. I don’t have any global templates however. Sorry I’m a bit of a ditz. Global scripts are a go!