Can i force perspective to use horizontal layout?

hi All
I am learning perspective and wonder if there is a way for perspective to force horizontal view in the tablet (without modification of the tablet settings)? My horizontal view looks a lot better than vertical so i would prefer this to be used :slight_smile:

I think you mean "force landscape view". The answer would be no as landscape / portrait is determined by the device's OS, not by the browser and not by the web page's contents.

I think you need to master flexible layout. Make the layout look good either way and let the user decide which way works best for them.


yes it makes sense it should look good in both layout.

in my case i have many dropboxes which are in 1 row in landscape view but in portrait i would use breakout container to swap the view to have 2 rows of dropboxes which would have enough space then

There may not be any need for that. The flex container is designed to accomodate wrapping.

Flex wrapping

Follow the structure on the left.

  • Set the top level container to direction : row and wrap : wrap, position.grow : 1, shrink : 0, basis : auto.
  • Set the sub containers to direction : column and wrap : nowrap, justify : flex-start', position.grow : 1, shrink : 0, basis : 200px`.
    You might need to play around with some of the other settings.

thanks for that example
just wonder if top flex container would not be enough - do we need to wrap individual dropboxes in their own containers?

The individual flex containers are there to keep the captions and dropdowns together. (I had added the border to make it clear where the container boundaries are.) This ensures that a caption is never "widowed" at the end of a line and that a dropbox can't be "orphaned" at the start of a line.

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i understand and it makes sense.
However in my case i don't use captions but instead of that when no options is selected there is text displayed with instruction eg. "select XYZ" which would mean i could simplify it further and don't use individual containers

That should work fine. Set your shrink, grow and basis parameters to suit.

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I was also wondering about this. I wonder if there's a way to disable screen rotation while in the Perspective app. I don't know enough about mobile app development to know how difficult it would be to ask for user permissions and do something like that.

There is not. We have an open feature ticket to add the ability to lock screen layout to portrait or landscape for mobile devices using the Perspective Application, but the ticket has been idle for a long time now.

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Users have the ability to lock the screen to their preferred orientation if that meets their needs at the OS level.

If the device is locked down by corporate policy then the MDM administrator has the ability to lock the screen to a particular orientation at the OS level.

There are devices that have a preferred orientation, and there are devices that only makes sense in one particular orientation (e.g., an RFID reader).

Trying to force the user into an awkward or unsupported orientation might not be the right approach.