Can i have 2 instances of ignition running on the same test workstation?

Just checking the basics if i can have 2 instances of ignition gateway running on the same station for test only? Of course i assume different ports used and different installation folders.

Ignition gateway has many modules with more than ten ports. I used virtual machine for testing redundancy. I don't think two instances is a good idea.


I agree that VMs is the right way to do it but just wondering if there is anything which fundamentally prevents multiple instances of gateways from running together? (i assume that separate ports and install locations have already been taken care of)

Maybe your best bet is containers, see

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There is nothing fundamental that prevents running two instances together. It's a terrible idea, though. I would say it should never be done in production, as anyone following behind you will struggle with one instance's bastardized setup.


Its obvious not to do it in production as 2 licenses will have to be bought for this flimsy setup. Just before i wrap this subject up - if installing folders were separate there is still chance that 2 instances will be overwriting each other as ignition was not meant to run like this as could be a waste of time to use it like this even for testing?

Folders can be specified in ignition.conf for special cases, and that is part of a gateway backup. If a fully-specified path is in there, and loaded into a non-standard install location, it could cause such problems.

I don't approve of testing environments that cannot take a client's gateway backup. I do have habit of checking ignition.conf, but generally just to look for platform differences (like mounted network folders) that work differently between Windows and Linux.

I don't run local copies of Ignition at all.

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