Can i have multiple user groups assigned to 1 project?

Is it possible to have multiple user groups and multiple idenity providers assigned to 1 project at the same time?

I don't think you can, but you can assign a failover user group to another group.

We have customers Foo and Bar, with user groups Foo_users and Bar_users.
We also have an internal group, for devs and integrators and whatnot, let's call it Internal_users
We want our customers to be able to log in to their projects, but we also want to be able to log in without putting ourselves in customers' groups.
So we put Internal_users as a failover for Foo_users and Bar_users, and now we can log in to every project.


That's great idea and it did the trick for me so thank you.
Just to be sure - this trick with failover user group will only work for 2 groups or can it be daisy chained to higher number of user groups ? eg.
group a has failover group b
group b has failover group c
etc etc

I think you can chain them, but I'm not entirely sure. To be tested.

User source failover can be arbitrarily nested/linked.

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