Can I install pyocclient libray on ignition?

I install nextcloud. I want create folder on my next cloud using a script.

I test a python script out of ignition it work after installing pyocclient beacause my request to create a folder on nextcloud with python need a module named owncloud.

can I install pyocclient library on ignition ?

juding from the git of pyocclient, the owncloud is probably in a sub folder of the pyocclient. you probaly installed it wrong

I changed my sintax, but I have another error

Is your owncloud folder from the pyocclient inside:
C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\user-lib\pylib

seems you will also need to put the module “requests” there

thank you but where can I download requtes module? I search on google but i can’t find

Consider using the approach documented in this post to install your module, which should automatically bring in appropriate dependencies.

Also consider that due to both the Jython environment and our hard requirement of Python 2.7 compatibility, many external Python packages won’t work in this environment. It’s often easier to get a java SDK work in Jython than a Python one.

That method no longer works, as there were some updates in Jython needed. Follow instead the guidance in the primer doc here: Python, Jython, CPython, Libraries, Pip, and Python 2.7 vs 3 - A quick primer

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Also, I just tested getting pyocclient in pip and it at least loads in Jython. I don’t have anything to test with connecting to, but it does at least import which looks promising.

Some libraries work and some don’t, but this one looks like it’s certainly worth a try.