Can I "Lock Down" my devloped Ignition system?

  1. What is to prevent someone from coming and making a backup of my work and installing it on their own system at a different location?
  2. Is this all based on the password for the Administrator role? So no one else should have that password?

If 2 is correct:
3. Can only the administrator “downlaod” a priject and/or Backup/Restore a complete Igntion system configuration?
4. Obviously a customer will want to maintain a backup of the complete project. Are the adminstrator roles transfered with a Backup of the complete configuration?
5. If I am the developer is there any reason to give administrative roles to the end user?
6. Is there any other way to backup or copy this project if they have acccess to the Ignition server?

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All of your questions basically are getting at the same thing: anyone with local access or admin access or designer access will be able to make backups or otherwise copy/open your project and make changes and see how you did everything.

If this makes you nervous, you should ask your support rep to set you up with an OEM lock. This will allow you to “lock down” a deployed gateway in a more secure manner: projects will be encrypted and the end-user won’t be able to open them in the designer (even with admin access).

Is an “OEM Lock” an extra cost?
How does it work??
Can it be removed at a later date?

You’ll need to take that up with your account rep.

It works by issuing you a keypair with a private “master” key and a public “deployment” key. You develop in-house using a licensed copy of Ignition with the master key installed. Any projects you make with this master key installed can be “locked” with that master key. These projects will only run on copies of ignition licensed with the deployment key. The projects are stored encrypted and cannot be opened in the Designer using a deployment key.

Projects can be unlocked again using the master key if need be.

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Thanks…It is great how “on top” of this forum you all are.