Can I sum a columns value in a table with the reporting module

I have a report that is using a SQL query and a nested query to populate a table. Is there a way to sum a columns value of the table in the Reporting Module? I know you can @value*5@ but that is for each value returned for that column in the query. Was hoping to possibly use something like @SUM(value)@ in the footer of the table to show a columns total value. Not that easy i guess. Any suggestions?

Yes. Use the Summary Row in conjunction with the Calculation Keys

Manual page for calculation keys:

Manual page showing an example:

IU Video on Table Rows:

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This is the first time ive seen the keychain docs, looks really useful.

Something like this in a summary row:

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Thank you very much for the help!!! That worked. I didnt know there were so many options.

Another question on the reporting module. Can you perform date arithmetic in the reporting module? For instance i have one column that has an entry date and time and another column with an exit date and time. Could i populate a third row showing the difference of these two time stamps? I would do it in the sql query but the table format is not allowing me to do this.