Can I trigger group on status of more than one item?

I have a group that is writting to the db every 5 seconds even when all the machines are stopped. I would like to have this trigger only when they are in production mode. The catch is that there are two machines feeding the rest. If either of them is running, I would like to be collecting data. Any way to trigger my group if either or both of them is running in production mode, which is if (CentStatus1 = 2) or (CentStatus2 = 2)?

Sure, add an expression-based action item to the group, give it an expression like:

({CentStatus1} = 2) or ({CentStatus2} = 2) set the action item to ignore trigger settings (be used as a group trigger), and trigger off of the value of the action item.

The action item expression should be the following:

({CentStatus1} = 2) || ({CentStatus2} = 2) You need to use || instead of or.

Thanks, my bad!

No problem, just keeping you in line.