Can i use other way to connect ignition's OPC UA server?

I want to use other way to Develop application,not use Igniton to create project
But I alse need to read PLC tags.
Can i use other way like using python/c#/java to connect Ignition’s OPC UA server to read / write PLC tags?
If it can be completed what steps i need to do?


An Ignition server can be just the OPC/UA module and the drivers you need. So, yes. And it happens that the cheapest license (base platform) includes the OPC/UA module and the most popular drivers.

By default, though, the OPC/UA server in Ignition is only listening to localhost. You’ll have to change that to a specific IP address, or to the wildcard address. You also want to supplement the list of allowed users in the OPC user source. For each client that connects securely (highly recommended), you’ll need to approve their certificate.

We have Ignition license .
Can you tell me how to set the IP to change the way for listening.

Start here:'s+OPC+UA+Server

Thanks a lot

HI @pturmel
I got a certificate ‘ ignition-client.der’ .But the private key where i can get ?
Files with the pem suffix

I would expect you to make a private key for your client software. As a prerequisite for making a certificate for your client. OpenSSL can convert DER and PEM formats back and forth. It can also do key and cert generation.

You seem to be making the same mistake as this post: Failed to connect Ignition OPC-UA server using Sign And Encrypt mechanism via Python OPC-UA client - #7 by Hari_GB

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