Can I word wrap Category Axis Labels

I have a bar chart that has the Category Axis Label Angle set to Down 45. The problem is that the labels are too long. Is there a way to turn word wrapping on? Also the category labels do not go to the bottom of the chart. Can I set this as well? One last part. Is there a way to do this same thing with the standard chart. I have one that I made into a category bar chart with clickable bars. I would like to format the category labels the same as the bar chart.

First the easy one: Can you set the label angle on the standard chart as well as the bar chart? Yes - its a property of the category axis called “Label Angle” ( in the “X-Axes” tab of the customizer)

Now for the rest:

Word wrap: This may be possible. We’ll look into it for 3.1.6, but we can’t guarantee anything.

When you say the labels don’t go to the bottom of the chart, do you mean how the don’t overlap the section used by the axis label? This is true, and I don’t think there is anything we can do about that, because I think the space at the bottom is entirely allocated for the axis title, but I’ll see

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Found the catagory angled label. Don’t know how I missed it before. Thanks. :blush:

You are correct. I have the axis label turned off and just the categories showing at the bottom, so there appears to be a bunch of white space, but when I turn on the chart axis label back on, It is filled in.

Thanks again.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but this came up in a search as I wanted to do the same thing.

I believe I’ve found a solution.

chart = system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getComponentForPath('Root Container.Chart') axis = chart.getChart().getPlot().getDomainAxis() axis.setMaximumCategoryLabelLines(3)

I’ve used this in a window script, hence the first line to get the chart component is quite long.
I suppose in theory the above 3 statements could actually be condensed into one (very long) line, although the way I’ve done it makes it rather more readable.

This was in Ignition 7.6.4.
Due to the way scripting’s been used I guess it should be considered unofficial / unsupported.

In my case I’m using a Classic Chart setup as a Category Bar Chart.

Hope that helps someone.

In 7.7 it would be better to put this script into the chart component’s “configureChart” extension function