Can Ignition Edge + Server do SQL Queries?

I'm aware that an Ignition Edge client on its own cannot do SQL queries as per this page.

Is it possible for an Ignition Edge client to do an SQL query if it is connected to a central (fully licensed) Ignition server? The primary use for this central Ignition server would be to act as a Tag Historian.

No. Edge cannot do SQL queries. Full stop.

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Edge Panel is $1,615.

One Vision seat for "full" Ignition is $1,918.

If you haven't bought anything yet, pay the extra.


Perhaps I'm overlooking something... I see no issues with a licensed Edge gateway sending a message to a licensed full gateway, full gateway receiving message & executing a database query, then returning results of query to the Edge gateway.

There are a few forum posts that expand on specific messages between gateways. Also, Edge Compute license may be required. Is it worth it? Without a specific use-case, that question can only be answered by the designer.

Ignition Edge Solution

Ignition Edge Core Question Mark$215Ignition Edge Compute$430Ignition Edge Panel$1,400

Number of Licensesx1

Subtotal$2,045 USD

It's literally cheaper to do it with full, unless of course you're using Perspective.

Thanks everyone for the input, much appreciated. Just assessing all options.

Ok. Sounds like a maintenance and UI development nightmare to me. Edge is still not doing SQL queries. {Before you mention it, including actual SQL in such a message is unsafe, insecure, and simply crazy.}

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You'd basically have to design an API which while doable is not a small undertaking. The quick easy way would be sending raw SQL and yea that's a security nightmare.

100% agreed.
Q: Can Edge gateway query a database directly? A: No (not without exposing loopholes, not with a UI development and ongoing maintenance nightmare). No.
Q: Can Edge HMI act as a Tag Historian? A: Yes, to the limitation that Edge was designed for (~1 week of data). For majority of Edge cases, this should be perfectly acceptable.
Q: Can Edge HMI message a central gateway to retrieve long-term historical data? A: Technically, yes. Safely, securely, without a custom API? Absolutely. Should anyone consider this option? Probably not, not without a very good reason.