Can Ignition Edge synch Vision project/tags with Central Ignition?


Our customer has a central Ignition gateway and they want to have a laptop with Edge installed on it with the full central project on it… They know the limitations…

Is it possible to synchronise projects and tags using the EAM modules installed on both Central and Edge (or standard, for that matter)?

Client tags and their initial values are stored as project resources, saved from the designer. Client tags are otherwise ephemeral on any client.

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I actually meant the standard gateway tags, but I can see how you could take it as meaning client tags :slightly_smiling_face:
I can’t see from the doco that it’s possible :thinking:

Did you look at using the central gateway as a remote tag provider?


The reason they want this is in case the central gateway is down for some reason, at least they would have a laptop with it running to do anything critical. So a remote tag provider wouldn’t help here

I think you would be better served to get a single client license with the critical modules required configured for local client fallback.