Can Ignition OPC-UA server and drivers used for free (not trial)?

Hello automation guys!

It seems in the past (2011)* the Ignition OPC-UA server and drivers could be used with any OPC-UA client simply requesting a free activation key, downloading the software, and getting started using it.

I’d like to know if this free offer is still valid.
Note that I refer a free activation, not a trial that must be reset after a time period.

If yes, can someone tell me how to request it?

Thanks in advance.


No, it’s not available for free any more.

I believe right now the Ignition platform is free but driver modules cost a certain amount each.

Sometime soon the pricing structure will change and the Ignition platform will no longer be free but the driver modules will be free.

In either case the overall solution is not free.

Here is the link to some upcoming changes from the pricing page on the website (it pops up for folks the first time you visit, at the moment):

Thank you!