Can Ignition read PointI/O?

Is it possible to setup a Listen Only connection with the cards on an PointI/O or FlexI/O rack? I have several thermocouples and position sensors that I would like to monitor and record with Ignition, but since I’m just monitoring, I don’t really need a PLC. I don’t see a native driver for what I’m trying to accomplish.

Is there some kind of work around that can get me there, or even different kind of hardware that could simplify my setup.

Thats sounds like an application for the Ethernet/IP module from Automation Pros.


Hmmm. I haven’t played with Listen-only connections. It definitely works as an owner connection. PointIO is the first product I tested in my lab when creating this module.

I’ll do a little research if you don’t beat me to testing it. PM me if you need help configuring the scanner.

Ok, spent a few minutes with the CIP specification. It should work for listen-only connections. Just select the correct application path from the [Connection Manager] section of the EDS file.

By the way, if you don’t have a PLC connected to the I/O, you actually need to use input-only instead of listen-only connections. The latter break (deliberately) if there’s no input-only or owner connection running.

Oh, and my module can run output modules, too.

Thanks for the info. At this point we are just going to throw a used PLC we have to be the conduit between the PointI/O and Ignition, since it is just a temporary setup to prove out. But it had me wondering if it was possible to skip the PLC altogether if we started to do monitoring for the building and supplemental equipment.