Can Ignition run in Docker containers?

Few quick questions.

  1. Are there any customers running Ignition components (Gateway, Modules) in Docker containers?
  2. If not, in theory, is it possible to containerize Ignition and run components as stateless services, and what are some pitfalls in trying to do so?

Have a look here.

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I’d also direct you to our official Docker Hub repo: That should help you get started. We’re working hard to continue to align the Ignition platform as a great container “citizen”.

I know that there are a lot of folks leveraging Ignition in containers in both development and production. Development is still probably the most prevalent use case as you’re able to easily support multiple versions and quickly bring up and down different environments (through leveraging Docker Compose, as one example). For SI’s this is definitely a great time saver.

With respect to stateful vs stateless, the Ignition Gateway is definitely the former. You’ll want to plan on leveraging a persisted volume against the data/ folder. I suppose there might be some interesting possibilities with respect to derived images that bundle gateway state in with the container definition. :thinking:

I’m very interested (as always) to hear about some of the container implementations out there…