Can Ignition run on Windows CE 5.0?

Is it possible to run Ignition, namely an Ignition webpage, on a device running Windows CE 5.0?

We’ve got a handheld scanning device we’re trying to open an Ignition webpage on, but the browser installed is its version of Internet Explorer, which doesn’t support the webpage. Ignition’s gateway threw an error saying ‘Unsupported Browser’.

We have tried installing Chrome, but we can’t install it on the OS. We’ve also tried Firefox, but that doesn’t even give the option to download for this type of OS.

Are there any browsers available for Windows CE that are able run Ignition? Or is it possible to make Ignition support older browsers such as the pre-installed IE on the device?

Thanks in advance.

I doubt it. Windows CE 5.0 is ancient.

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Can’t run Vision, either, IIRC.

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