Can Ignition subscribe and discover tags from any MQTT topic?

I am trying to figure out the process of “connecting” a gateway device that can publish MQTT messages, so that Ignition can discover the tags. Do I need to “Sparkplugify” the topics and payloads first?

If you don’t use Sparkplug then you need to configure a custom namespace and manually specify which topics will be subscribed to.


Thanks for the info. I have another question if you don’t mind…

How do I configure a Sparkplug-compliant topic when I have a device connected to a node, that publishes to an interim MQTT broker, then another node subscribes to that interim broker and finally publishes to the main MQTT broker? Am I just interested in the final node and device ids in the chain?


Yes, I think that’s right. That’s what the MQTT modules are going to see, and that’s what would need to be organized according to the Sparkplug spec.