Can ignition work on linux other than Ubuntu

I use a Linux system on a development board(kernal 2.6.38) base on CPU arm9,I try to install on it ,I have followed the readme of Ignition-build7.2.8-
linux,when I run “/etc/init.d/ignition start”,there is message:
/usr/local/bin/./igntion-gateway:line 1: syntax error:unexpected “(”
Waiting for Ignition Gateway…
WARNING: Ignition Gateway may have failed to start.

What is the problem?
Can ignition work on linux other than Ubuntu?Can ignition work on linux base on arm9?thank you very much.

Those installation directions are specific to Ubuntu. You don’t need to follow them.

If you simply unzip Ignition somewhere and then chmod +x the appropriate files you should be able to start it up. You can worry later about how to get it to startup and shutdown automatically on whatever version of linux you’re dealing with.

However, it’s not going to work on your dev board because we don’t support ARM CPUs.

See if this helps: … ID=1755287

The link might have gotten messed up.

The jist is…

Re: Java on Moxa IA241 ARM9
Posted: Jul 13, 2010 10:40 AM in response to: 840848 Reply

Please try to include the jdk in the path and jre libraries in the classpath of your sustem, since as u r using the linux its definitely work and can able to run the java applications as well.

We don’t build an Ignition package that has an ARM-compatible JSW, so getting Java working on your board isn’t going to make it work.

Right now the only non-x86-based platform we support is HP-UX on Itanium.

Thank you very much
another questions:what is JSW, java is platform-independent,why your system base on java could not run in other CPU?

JSW is the Java Service Wrapper. It’s what lets Ignition run as a Windows Service or Linux Daemon. While Java itself is platform independent, the wrapper is not.

I want intall your OPC UA server on a development board(Linux kernal 2.6.38) base on CPU arm9,I have a plan ,do you

think it is feasible : because JSW is not platform-independent,I install it on PC base on X86,the other module which is

written in Java and platform-independent I will install on the board.
Can your company help us to develop the OPC-UA server based on arm9 so we can istall it on the board,we will pay

for it.
Pleaw give me some advise,thank you very much.

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