Can Linux/PC based PLCs make program changes on the fly?

I’m a big proponent of PC based PLCs (in theory) because you have so much more computing power and memory to deal with. However, every PLC I know of can make on-line edits while the system is running. It seems like computer programs need to “recompile” to make program changes.

Are there any PC based PLCs that can be reprogrammed while the industrial process is running?

The CoDeSys based soft PLCs will handle online program changes. You cannot reconfigure on the fly, but you can make program changes. You program offline and when you tell it to go online, it compiles the changes and sends the new version and switches to the new version on the fly.

Google CoDeSys and you will find 3-S Software. They supply lots of hardware mfg and support lots of different CPUs.

They supply Beckhoff, Wago, and Indramat among others.

I hope this helps.


Also AB SoftLogix

Also also KWSoftware

I have been using alot of Beckhoff PLC/PCs lately, absolutely love it. I dont know if I’d trust it enough to replace an AB controller yet…

Well, with solid state drives starting to become more affordable, and low-power–even fanless-- systems out there, PC solutions are becoming a lot more commonplace.