Can no logner edit a window due to a infinite loop?

Fully admit this is my mistake. I accidentally put in a while loop with no exit condition in a on valueChanged property, that also affects a few other value change properties that have their own error messages. So when I open the window in perspective, the errors start and never stop coming and I can’t even get to the value change script to disable it. Eventually then I get Zulu Platform x64 Architecture is not responding. from windows and the ability to close the program. Is there a way to edit this components on valueChange script like turning it off in a way that isn’t through the designer?

Can you still shift + right click to get the window XML in the designer? If so then it may be possible to remove the offending parts from the XML and import it again. It’s a little tricky to figure out what’s what in the XML, though, so you might have to post it here or go through support if you don’t figure it out by experimentation.

edit: oops, just realized you’re talking about Perspective. Nevermind this.

Huh very odd. I get errors like this

but XML only has things like
onChange: enabled: false
onChange: enabled: null

I guess null is true?

Full XML. All drop down components which are causing the issue have “dd_” as the prefix. Not sure what to change.view.json (62.3 KB)

Ope, this has happened to me. A couple of times lol :roll_eyes:

Open it in text editor. Notepadd ++ or something.

Find and replace:

put in a pass or return in all scripts. You might have to play with it.

Then Import it back in.

Make sure to retain original.