Can no longer access gateway

I can no longer access my gateway after it being up for months. I have been working on developing a module for the past couple of months having no issues connecting to the gateway using ssh port forwarding, but when I tried to load it up yesterday, my browser tells me that it is unable to connect. I’ve tried restarting the gateway and restarting the vm (I’ve even put a delay on the starting of the gateway on boot), but nothing is working.

According to systemd the service is running fine:

But when I curl the gateway from the box it is running on this is what I get:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you get the log files? Do you know what version of Ignition this is?

wrapper.log (233.4 KB)

ignition 8.0.15

Looks fine to me. Not sure why you can’t access it from outside your VM.

There’s nothing wrong with the output of your curl command, it’s just showing the web server is running and redirecting you, and nothing in the logs looks wrong.