Can no longer access pydataset row by column name 8.0.13 rc1

Can no longer access columns by column name in a pydataset row.

TypeError: com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.script.builtin.DatasetUtilities$PyDataSet$PyRow indices must be integers

	dbConnection = "Local"
	query = """
		SELECT a, b, c
                FROM sometable
	result = system.db.runPrepQuery(query,[], database = dbConnection)

	firstRow = result[0]
	print firstRow["a"]	

Looking into it…

Thanks, it’ll get fixed before release.

When will this make it into the 8.0.14 nightly?

Soonish I think

Ouch, glad I found this post, I guess I was using this in a lot of places. Errors everywhere!

I believe it will be fixed in 8.0.13 final release not 8.0.14.

8.0.13 final, PyDatasets will work as they have in all previous versions.
~8.0.14 (or potentially later, release train goes choo choo) will have all the optimizations that originally caused this regression, plus test coverage that I should have put in in the first place to prevent regressions :slight_smile:


Any idea on 8.0.13 final dropping? I figure its any hour now :slight_smile:

I believe an RC2 is supposed to be out pretty soon. Final in another week or two, probably.