Can not connect to DH485

Can someone help me connect to a PLC SLC 5/02 Processor through an IP address and a DHRIO card then DH485
This is for a OPC/UA topic

You'll need to use connection paths in your device connection to talk over the DH485 card. The example in the docs is specifically SLC over DH+, conveniently!

Using that guide, looks like your connection path should be 1,2,2,8.

As far as I know, Ignition follows all the same rules as CIP routing in Logix.

Thank you, I Did try that 1,2,2,8 from the video. This is DH485 I believe and not Plus if that matters this is what it says

I checked on Rockwell's Knowledgebase (Answer ID BF5708 - TechConnect required). Both DHRIO and DH-485 use 2 for Channel A and 3 for Channel B.

Out of curiosity, can you connect to any other PLCs on either the DH+/DHRIO bus?

I did just notice this though, this is probably your issue:

Supported SLC Connection Methods

  • SLC505 direct
  • SLC505, SLC504, SLC503 connected through 1761-NET-ENI
  • SLC504 connected through 1756-DHRIO
  • SLC505, SLC504, SLC503 connected through Spectrum Controls WebPort 500

No mention of the 1756-DH485 card you're using. Or SLC 501/502 at all, for that matter.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, yes the ones highlighted I am able to connect and read tags. I just cannot connect to the circled PLC.

Right, the highlighted ones are ethernet and DH+. Ignition's docs don't show any support for DH485.